Different Types of Dog Diets

How much do you care about the health of your pet? As with humans, dog food must be healthy and balanced to ensure the correct development of our dog. So you have to control what type of dog diet to use.

Regardless of what your dog's breed is , there are a series of common nutrients that every diet must contemplate. Some of them for daily consumption if you want to keep the dog healthy .

If you do not offer the right diet to your dog you will trigger obesity and other types of health problems . With the help of the vet, you can trace the correct diet for dogs based on their characteristics. You might like our list of foods for pugs.

How should the diet for dogs be?

In general, the dog diet must be built around animal proteins , since they are carnivorous animals. Still there are a number of basic components in a dog diet that your dog cannot miss.

Among the advisable techniques that you must follow so that your dog's diet is correct you must include:

I think of quality depending on its characteristics. Especially if it is going to be the only food you are going to eat.

Follow an hourly routine . Your dog eating at the same time will bring benefits to both him and you. Since it will allow you to plan your walking times better.

Put the exact amount of feed . Dogs, especially small ones, do not know how to regulate their food.

Follow a rationality . Three meals if the dog is a puppy, and two if it is an adult. Always leave clean water in the drinker . You must bear in mind that, depending on the characteristics of your dog and the type of feeding, the diet will have certain peculiarities.

A healthy and balanced diet for dogs will consist of two meals a day. And, despite the fact that most industrial products appear, the recommended daily amounts in a dog diet are:

Diet for small dogs . The amount of feed per meal for small breed dogs ranges from half a cup to one and a half cups of food.

Diet for medium dogs . It translates to between two, and three and a half cups of food.

Diet for large dogs . Between three and a half cups and six and a half cups of feed will eat a large breed dog .

The BARF diet for dogs

The BARF diet for dogs , or ACBA diet, is a very common type of food. This natural diet for dogs consists of giving dogs those natural foods that they could choose if they had rational use and could decide.

Natural foods that are recommended in the BARF dog diet include:

1.Raw food . Raw meat and bones, fish, eggs, viscera ...

2.Selected fruits and vegetables .

3.Animal fats and oils.

4.Carbohydrates . Like pasta, rice ...

You must also take into account both the benefits of the BARF diet, as well as the problems it can cause your dog before choosing this type of diet.